The most important thing, whatever you choose to wear, is that you’re comfortable. A boudoir shoot obviously encourages us to ‘push the boundaries’ from our everyday clothes, but this doesn’t mean you are completely outside of your comfort zone. There are lots of options to suit every body shape, which are glamorous and flattering, as well as affordable. Many women opt for sexy underwear, but if this isn’t for you then satin dressing gowns or glamorous evening dresses can be worn with equally stunning and sexy results.

    • As a general rule, items with good support, such as built-in cups are best, particularly for ‘lying down’ shots, as they will hold everything in place. Make sure they fit well and if you are keen to hide particular lumps and bumps (we all have them!), then think about which items will best achieve this.
    • Items to consider are: Corsets, Basques, Bustiers, Baby dolls, Chemises, Suspenders, Stockings and Frilly knickers.
    • A great way to add a bit of drama (and props to pose with) is by adding accessories. Items such as fur shrugs, feather boas, hats / tiaras and lacy gloves are great additions to add variety to your images.
    • Jewellery is also a brilliant way to add sparkle and glamour. Once you have chosen your style and items of clothing, try to find jewellery that will complement this and is in keeping with the look. For example, if you go for a vintage look, don’t wear modern jewellery – there are some great places to find authentic vintage pieces.
    • Bring some nice pairs of heels, as they will lengthen the leg and add a sexy feel to the images.

Bring something that belongs to your guy. One of his button up shirts and/or his tie. If you or your guy are sports fans wear a sports jersey with some knee high socks. You could even take it a step further and order his favorite team jersey with your name on it or the words sexy. Be creative. The more you put into it, the more he will be blown away.

Many women go to their shoot with almost all black lingerie. Bring colors!! The more variety the better. Red is always pretty damn hot.

If you’re not sure what works best together, bring whatever you have and we will have a play around with looks on the day.